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Complete Solution

PBOmd Practice Management is an easy-to-use, affordable, web-based solution. It seamlessly automates and supports the administrative, billing and business processes of physician practices, providing a cost-effective alternative to in-house legacy systems. With predictable monthly fees, minimal capital expense and proactive customer services, PBOmd Practice Management significantly improves practice information flow and productivity.

With the click of a mouse, authorized users can record, track and view all financial and business aspects of running their practice. They can check outstanding balances, submit electronic claims, track patient visits, communicate electronically with patients and even analyze the productivity of the practice through comprehensive reports. What's more, authorized users can access PBOmd Practice Management wherever an Internet connection is available.

  • Comprehensive resource scheduling for providers, locations and other resources
  • Customized scheduling templates
  • Enterprise scheduling for multiple locations and providers
  • Flexible appointment status
  • ID and patient photo
  • Next available appointment logic
  • Multiple insurance and responsible party tracking
  • Cut and paste across all schedules; drag and drop across times, days, staff or resources
  • Check in and check out updates in real time
  • Printing of receipts and posting of co-pay
  • PBOmd automates the entire registration process, increasing efficiency and productivity across the entire office.
  • Pre-register patients with the minimal required fields as chosen by your management then update the rest of the record on patient arrival.
  • Automatically track check-in, no-show and check-out data.
  • Scan insurance cards and photos.
  • Use the intuitive data entry screens to add insurance and self pay information that automatically populates the appropriate screens throughout the application including billing and collections.
  • Enter patient history online.
Electronic Health Record
  • Customized intake forms and information collection
  • Customized workflows
  • Electronic document and imaging management
  • Scanning and Bubble Sheet / OMR
  • Speech Recognition Templates
  • Certified ePrescribe and Prescription management
  • Order Tracking
  • Lab Interface
  • Automated Document Fax and Email
  • Referral Portal
  • Patient Portal
  • Workers Comp Portal
Billing and Collections
  • Open item detail with "Approved Amount"
  • Review claims with drilldown feature
  • Claim/patient validation
  • Access to full Accounts Receivable
  • Access document management, patient receipt, letters, and future appointment slips
  • Direct clearinghouse and payer communication
  • Receipt review
  • User access auditing
  • Fee scheduled and grouped by provider
  • Expedient day-end and month-end closing
  • Comprehensive reporting feature with drilldown capability
  • Querying and reporting
  • Electronic claims processing
  • Clinician can review billing and collections data at point-of-care if desired
  • Compare performance over time, by payer, by patient, by clinician, etc...
  • Analyze patient population and formulate multi-variable analytics
  • Accurate reporting on all patents to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • Links to document management, letters, call lists, etc...
  • Rank prescription trends and use patterns

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