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PBOmd enables you to make a seamless transition from paper medical records to a flexible, fully customizable electronic health record (EHR).

Paperless Clinical Document Management
  • Access your charts from anywhere with an intuitive clinical document management system. Whether you want to manage your transcription more efficiently or are just looking to be completely paperless, charting is simple, secure and easy to implement. Customized workflows enable you to hit the ground running with the ability to continue customization until your EMR fits you like a glove, evolving as you use it.

  • From simple referal letters to elaborate level 5 new patient visit notes, patient information auto populates your forms eliminating the need for repetitive data entry and reducing the potential for medical errors. Quickly input data from virtually any source, scan images and forms, customize as much or as little as you want, and let your computer do all the heavy lifting.

Clinical Workflow
  • All aspects of the patient's chart can be viewed, enabling office staff to quickly access records, route tasks and orders, send documents to 3rd parties and expedite patient care.    
  • Keep track of patient visits in real-time as they check in, see the doctor and check out so you always have a good handle on patient flow.    
  • Visits are more informative and timely, reducing wait times and increasing patient satisfaction.
  • All orders are routed to the correct departments, and incomplete or overdue tasks are pinpointed with automatic work queues.    
  • Increase the effectiveness of physician correspondence, enhancing relationships with patients, referral sources and case managers    
  • Automatically fax or email progress notes to referral sources on each patient visit.

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Digital Dashboard
For workflow management including to-do list, staff and patient messaging, lab results, notes and documents pending review
Patient Chart
Displays all office visits, notes, orders, prescriptions, reports and pertinent patient information
Image Annotation
Annotation on any image or form
Problem List
Complete ICD-9 database with over 80,000 common medical terms for cross referencing ICD-9 codes for patient problem lists
ePrescribing functionality with Drug Formulary, Drug to Drug interaction and Drug to allergy interaction
Lab Reports
Electronic Lab results with provider review and workflow management
Radiology Report
Electronic radiology results with provider review and workflow management
View radiology and other images from the patients chart